Special features


  • Micro controller design.
  • SMPS based charger with complete Battery management
  • (With multi stage) for Higher Input power factor (0.9) during charging.
  • Charges Battery from 120V onwards on Inverter mode with constant current.
  • Charging current 12amp to 15amp.  On Selectable Normal & Boost mode selector switch.
  • Pure sine wave output with load and without load.
  • Single side PCB easy to service. Only two components, Transformer & Control Board for better serviceability. On site it.     
  • In built temperature sensor, for controlled fan operation. Cooling fan works only when tamp. Rises to 70dig.C.
  • Highest efficiency (92% on Inverter) for more backup time.
  • Synchronized change over for computers & Mixed Load during UPS mode.
  • Dead short circuit and return phase protection on Inverter.
  • Auto restart for overload tripping during Batt mode.        
  • Restart tries 10 times in over load condition.
  • Battery low alarms and trip during deep discharge condition.
  • Soft start for heavy load and cold start.
  • Operates on 25 KHz RF range for Noiseless operation during UPS & charging mode.
  • Boost charging option for Batteries for Improving , Specific gravity on Site


Test Data