Industrial Inverter

We offer a complete line of reliable, efficient inverters capable of powering virtually any type of loads that needs 230VAC/440VAC, which is within the capacity of the inverter. Available in different models from 500VA to 30KVA, our range of inverters convert DC battery power to utility grade AC power, giving clean electric power when and where it is needed.

Advanced 3-stage high frequency battery charger with sulphating control technology, which increases the life of the battery and reduces the electricity bill. Plug-in module design will ensure cost effective solution by allowing the inverter to be connected to the entire lighting circuit at the input, avoiding extra wiring. (The inverter is capable of safely routing higher power on mains mode.)
Fold back technology avoids nuisance tripping of the inverter in case of a high surge load or overload. (The output voltage reduces as the load on the inverter exceeds the capacity and resumes to normal voltage on rated loads.)
No manual switching between inverter and the utility power.