UPS Online

ESSEM CAPTIAN Double convertion Online UPS Systems come with right features to provide complete power protection and increase uptime for your critical and sophisticated loads such as servers multiple PC Networks, Medical, Lab, Telecom,CNC Machines etc.  from any kind of power problems be it spikes, surges, transients, voltage variations, brown outs and other electrical disturbances to your loads.  ESSEM CAPTAIN NL UPS Systems are designed with state of the art technology using adaptive PWM Technique with IGBT’S.  Apart from its proven reliability, extendable onsite service and warranty. ESSEM CAPTAIN NL UPS is available to you in wide range of models with inbuilt and external batteries to provide shot or longer backup time respectively to suit every kind of application.


  • Advance PWM Technology.
  • Totally isolated output.
  • High efficiency.
  • Fast transient recovery.
  • High surge current withstanding capacity.
  • Customised back-up time.
  • Most responsive service backup.

Salient Features:

  • Microcontroller Based Double Conversion Technology
  • Active Power Factor Correction at UPS Input
  • High Frequency PWM Based Inverter Using IGBTs
  • Auto Re-Transfer Static Switch
  • Control Panel with LCD Display
  • Intelligent Battery Management
  • Cold Start
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