UPS  Batteries

The ESSEM TUBULAR BATTERIES are designed extremely strong and ECO FRIENDLY The ESSEM Tubular Battery is manufactured fully taking into account the mandatory characteristics of the battery needed for UPS and Invertors. This battery is produced processing the basic raw materials such as lead and lead oxide. The battery is thoroughly tested by taking required initial charge and discharge cycles before reaching the market.
This Battery has the following characteristics:-

  • High Pressure die-cast positive grid delays corrosion to extend life
  • Low antimony selenium lead alloy to  minimize water consumption
  • High porosity glass and fiber separator avoids cell short circuit
  • Inter-partition cell welding by resistance welding machine
  • PVC terminal shrouding cap for  electrical safety
  • Ceramic vent plug to arrest acid fumes and reduce topping up
  • Water topping up frequency once in 5 months
  • Life Expectancy more than 5 years
  • Factory Charged and wet shipped
  • Shear tester to check cell welding joint
  • Short circuit tester to check separator short
  • Air leakage tester to check leakage of top cover sealing
  • Acid dosing system for battery acid filling

Key Advantages:-

  • Due to this, the battery can be stored in charged condition, for very long time without     getting discharged.
  •  All batteries of same type will have very uniform internal resistance. Large numbers can be connected in series or     parallel without any danger of misbalance within the battery bank.
  •  Very low internal resistance gives you high voltage on discharge and extra back up on load.
  •  The tubular batteries are used in the following applications: UPS systems where power demand is for longer period.


Test Data